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This award is in recognition of your excellent performance and contribution to the team for the successful launch of VIA. Based on market feedback, the one consistent theme we’ve heard boasts of the outstanding usability that VIA displays. This rests solely on your shoulders as the main driver of a solid experience for our customers as they use the product. Thank you for the leadership you provide within the User Experience team and for bridging many gaps while the team was short staffed.

Intralinks Spot Award
Curata CMP

I was designer and product manager for this scheduling and analytics platform for marketers that integrated with Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, and more.

Intralinks VIA

I led the design team for this secure file sharing and collaboration platform.

You have been with the company since the inception of Curata CMP, and we would not be anywhere near where we are without you. You have essentially been a co-founder in the conceptualizing and launching of the product and bringing it close to a $1M in revenue – which is no small feat.

Pawan Deshpande, CEO and Founder of Curata

Jay is awesome, BTW. He is very thorough, always follows up and is most patient.

Curata customer at Xerox in an email to my coworker at Curata
Kodak Preps Ganging

I reimagined a decade-old imposition application.

MathWorks BatCave

I redesigned MathWork’s internal build and test application from the ground up.

I want to tell you, and the team, that the User Interviewing sessions that you lead were HIGHLY VALUABLE in helping get this project launched on the right foot in terms of understanding the customer needs and their work.

Product manager at Intralinks

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